BTC sent to the BCH wallet will be irretrievably lost. Just like BCH sent to the BTC wallet. These are different cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash has two address formats. The old format is called legacy and is no different from a Bitcoin address. It can contain up to 34 characters in different registers.

In order for users to be able to distinguish addresses, the developers of Bitcoin Cash have created a new format. It can have the “bitcoincash:” prefix, but it can also be without it. The new format consists of 42 characters and is not register sensitive.

New Bitcoin Cash address format with the prefix “bitcoincash:”


New Bitcoin Cash address format without the “bitcoincash:” prefix


Bitcoin address format / Bitcoin Cash legacy address format


The Bitzlato platform only uses the new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address format. However, you can also withdraw funds from the Bitzlato wallet to legacy addresses.

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