To create a gift code in the exchange bot, go to the “Wallet” => “BTC gift” section.

The check is created in the cryptocurrency corresponding to the selected bot: “ETH gift”, “LTC gift”, a similar example for another cryptocurrency.

In a response message, the bot will offer to select the currency in which you will indicate the amount of the gift: enter the desired value of the selected currency and send it to the bot.


The amount can be specified both in cryptocurrency and in fiat funds in relation to the current exchange rate. Depending on the selected settings, a gift code can be created pegged to RUB, UAH, EUR, USD and other fiat.

In response, the bot will send you a set of referral links.

In order to transfer the check to the recipient, send him the link to the bot or P2P-exchanger: the recipient can cash the check on any of them.

In addition, it is also easy to send receipts to Telegram or using a QR code: pay attention to the active buttons highlighted by the arrow in the screenshot above.

Click on the button with the gift code amount to send the gift code to the Telegram correspondence.

The “Get QR Code” command will create a unique code for your receipt, after scanning which the recipient will receive a link to the exchange bot.

Please note that Telegram may not be available to the recipient of the gift without using a VPN.


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