Funds can be blocked in two cases:

1. Active Sell Deal: funds are locked to ensure that the buyer receives coins. To view active trades:

  • in the telegram bot: in the main menu, click “Exchange cryptocurrency pair“. In the exchange menu, click “My adverts“;
  • in the web version: on the main page of the P2P exchanger, click on “My Trades“. You will be taken to the Trades” page, where you can see the lists of active and closed deals.

2. Active gifts: until the gift is cashed, funds will be blocked. To view active gifts:

  • in the telegram bot: in the main menu, click “Wallet“. In the wallet menu, click “BTC gift“;
  • in the web version: go to the Wallet” page. Select a wallet in the cryptocurrency you are interested in. On the page of the selected wallet, go to the “Gifts” tab.

If funds are blocked for another reason, you can contact Bitzlato support to clarify the reason:

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