The main priority of Bitzlato is the comfort and safety of the user. That is why we have created a list of tips to help you trade green, fast and efficiently. So, according to our tips for responsible trading:

✅ We recommend to buyers and traders:

  • The best thing is to make the payment specified in the terms of the transaction in one payment (if possible). If this is not specified in the conditions, then it is undesirable to make a payment in several payments.

What is fraught with?

Let’s take an example from practice. The trader was paid in fractions from seven cards. Since the client was large, the trader did not object. However, in the future, the payer had problems with his bank, since several large payments to one account without specifying the destination always raise questions. Do not do this in order to avoid consequences from the bank!

  • Make payments only from your own card/account. Making payments from cards/accounts of third parties can be dangerous (even if we are talking about relatives).

What is fraught with?

Very often, scammers ask for a transfer to someone else’s card. It is also not uncommon for an ad to indicate one card number, and then ask to “wait a bit”, throw off a new card number, and thus try to involve a third party in the so-called triangle. Remember that even if you are the beneficiary of this kind of scheme, in the future your bank may suspend your cooperation with it.

  • Do not transfer money to a phone number. Always choose ads with card details.

What is fraught with?

The buyer can transfer money to your account by phone number, and then, after receiving the cryptocurrency, promptly cancel the payment. Thus, he will have both bitcoin and the amount withdrawn by him in his account. Better not risk it!

  • You should carefully look at the details specified in the terms of the transaction. It is necessary to double-check the details of the seller several times, and make payment only on them.

What is fraught with?

If you make a mistake in at least one figure, your payment will go to another address, the seller will open a dispute, and with a 100% probability they will return his cryptocurrency back. The buyer will have to contact his bank and try to withdraw the payment, which does not always work out. Be very careful!

  • You do not need to request additional commission from the seller / buyer, as well as pay the commission that you are asked to spend OUTSIDE of the transaction.

What is fraught with?

Of course, such a cunning seller/buyer can be banned from Bitzlato, but this will not make it any easier for you – and spend money, and you can “light up” your details once again, which may also not do without consequences.

  • We strongly recommend that you do not cancel the transaction after payment. You need to wait until the seller releases the coins.

What is fraught with?

If you have already released the deal, but you do not see the funds, then you should not delay opening a dispute. If you do not see the funds, 10 – 20 minutes, then it is possible that your cryptocurrency has already been credited to the buyer’s account, and he can withdraw it. Then the arbitrator can no longer help. It is better not to take risks, and calmly wait for the funds to be received.

  • You should not open a deal if it is impossible to make a payment.

What is fraught with?

At best, this is simply pointless, and at worst, it can lead to a downgrade in your ranking on the platform. And sometimes scammers even try to open such transactions.

  • Do not communicate with the seller in other services and instant messengers. Do this only inside Bitzlato.

What is fraught with?

Firstly, you will not be able to prove that you communicated with this particular user on third-party sites and specifically about a specific transaction. In addition, on third-party sites you are more vulnerable, you can become a victim of scammers.

  • Never provide your personal data (phone number, mail, login in messengers) to communicate with the seller in personal correspondence outside the service.

What is fraught with?

The disclosure of personal data can play into the hands of scammers who can use them to extort funds, and to disclose personal information, and for blackmail.

  • Maintain a polite and respectful tone of communication. No need to offend the seller, arbitrator, support agent.

What is fraught with?

As practice shows, calm, balanced and respectful communication is always in the hands of all parties to the dispute. And the mood is always on top.

  • Do not advertise third party services or provide any links.

What is fraught with?

We cannot guarantee the safety of all incoming links, so we strongly ask you to refrain from advertising any third-party sites, services and products. For your own safety, do not cross them!

Please follow these simple tips to keep your interaction with Bitzlato fast and efficient. Happy trading!

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